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Person in blue sweater, white gloves and welding helmet performing a TIG weld on a Pedigo AGV cart

30 Years of Sparks and Steel

After 30 years, our Welding Supervisor, David Kuntz, is retiring and leaving behind a lasting legacy. Before his retirement, I took a moment to sit down with him and talk about his experiences and tenure at Pedigo Products, Inc.

“He is a very talented employee and a fantastic welder.” – Rick Pedigo, CEO

Kuntz started his welding career on the job at 18 years old and has worked at Pedigo for 30 years, this September. During his tenure at the company, Kuntz has been instrumental in the development and implementation of various welding techniques and procedures. He has also played a key role in training and mentoring new welders, passing on his vast knowledge and expertise to the next generation.


“Dave was the second person that we hired when we moved to Vancouver. He is a very talented employee and a fantastic welder. I believe that prior to his career at Pedigo, he was working at a company that was building SS tanks for the craft brewing industry. The work that our welders take on at Pedigo requires a lot of talent and is more difficult than other welding jobs because of the thin materials we utilize.” Rick Pedigo on our welding team and Kuntz.


As Pedigo’s welding supervisor, Kuntz is responsible for overseeing a team of 16 welders. Our welding team specializes in TIG and MIG welding. The image above is of Kuntz performing a TIG weld on a Pedigo AGV cart – his favorite product to weld.


Like most of us at Pedigo, Kuntz notices Pedigo’s products in movies, TV shows, and on the news. While normally it’s the iconic Pedigo logo, the Pedigo Blue wheels, or maybe our unique IV pole base that we notice, Kuntz looks for the weld on the product. From a scene in, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Kuntz recognized a Pedigo SG table from the distinct gusset!


The legacy Kuntz leaves behind is characterized by manufacturing “lifetime quality” products, a contagious smile that brightened the days of those around him, and an unmatched skill in creating immaculate welds. Throughout his three decades of service, Kuntz not only welded pieces of metal together but also forged lasting bonds with his colleagues, imparting his knowledge and passion for welding to the next generation of craftsmen. His meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to excellence set a standard that will continue to inspire and guide our welding team for years to come.


Written by Kendall Pedigo, Social Media Manager

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