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Pedigo Products was founded in 1947 by William R. Pedigo and his son Richard. The father-son team began manufacturing three-legged stools (the predecessor to the current P-36 stool) on their dirt floor garage in Burbank, California. The all welded chrome plated stools were initially sold to local barbers and beauticians, but the Pedigo’s soon realized that the real market for their product was in the expanding Southern California healthcare industry.

In the early 1950’s, Pedigo began a partnership with the developing UCLA Medical Center, to design and manufacture chrome and stainless steel products for use in their sterile and exam room environments. These products were readily accepted by UCLA and several other acute care facilities, and proved to be the prototype for many items which are still part of Pedigo’s product line.

By 1960, Pedigo had outgrown its Burbank facility and moved to Orange County, to a new larger facility located in the lima bean fields of Huntington Beach. As Southern California boomed, so did Pedigo. The product line was expanded to over one hundred standard items, which were sold to major teaching hospitals and acute care facilities, clinics and physician offices throughout the eleven western states. Pedigo had become a leader in the design and construction of high quality stainless steel and chrome products for the healthcare industry.

Pedigo’s current product line consists of nearly two hundred items, including stools, instrument tables, I.V. stands, surgical case carts, exchange and distribution carts, bassinets and many other stainless steel and chrome items. Pedigo items can be found in the emergency rooms, exam rooms, operating rooms and sterile processing departments of the world’s finest medical institutions.

Working closely with hospital designers and owners, Pedigo’s expertise is drawn upon at the initial stages of new facility construction to help ensure efficient facility design and product flow from sterile processing to the operating room. Pedigo’s team of engineers and product specialists constantly examine and test products for better sterility and economic efficiencies. Pedigo’s goal is to meet the stainless steel and chrome product needs of a diverse marketplace with high quality, cost effective products that are built to last. The Pedigo name has become synonymous with quality, durability, sterility and service to the customer.

In 1993, to meet the needs of their growing market, Pedigo moved to a new larger manufacturing facility in Vancouver, Washington, which is located within the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. Pedigo is proud of its new corporate offices and manufacturing plant and is confident that it is solidly positioned to meet the demands of its customers for many years to come.

Today, as Pedigo celebrates 77 years of service and three generations of family ownership, they continue to lead the way in product innovation and increased sterility control. Pedigo is committed to the success of their business and to the personal success of each and every one of their employees and sales representatives, that together comprise the “PEDIGO FAMILY.”

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