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Located in the Pacific Northwest, Pedigo Products is conscious of our environmental footprint and active in minimizing our impact on the planet. Our company-wide commitment ranges from product manufacturing practices, to physical plant construction, to paper recycling at our desks.

Packing Materials
The majority of Pedigo products are shipped using cardboard containers and inserts. The corrugated material we purchase is comprised on average of 39% post-consumer recycled fiber. Wood pallets, returned packaging and miscellaneous dunnage are also recycled. We do not use styrene fillers such as pellets in our shipping.

Manufacturing Practices
All Pedigo products are manufactured in the United States. In doing so, we are able to properly dispose of any waste fluids. Oils and coolants used here at our plant are reclaimed and recycled.
Our investment in laser cutter technology allows for the maximization of each stainless steel sheet used in production. Even though 100% of the remnant steel is recycled, this cutter greatly reduces the amount of scrap sent to the smelter.

Plant Construction
Our manufacturing facility, as well as office space, have been outfitted with skylights and energy efficient light fixtures. Even in the cloudy Pacific Northwest the addition of skylights helps to reduce the amount of electricity needed to illuminate the working space.

Cardboard Boxes
Lasercutter USA

Pedigo Building

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