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ivNow® Modular Fluid Warmer

The ivNow fluid warmer quickly warms and maintains the temperature of injection/intravenous and irrigation solutions prior to their use. The specially contoured warming module cradles solution bags in 0.5-, 1-, 2- & 3-liter sizes. ivNow units can be customized in the field by stacking or removing pods from the configuration. Units can be used for countertop use or wall mounted with the provided mounting plate.

The units are controlled individually with electronic controls with an L.E.D. display for each cavity. The control can easily be set to display temperatures in Celsius or Fahrenheit. A sensor in the heating plate detects the presence of a bag and engages the heating mechanism to quickly begin warming the fluid. Two (2) temperature sensors work in unison to precisely and continuously read the temperature of the bag and another sensor monitors the plate temperature. A green ready light will illuminate when fluid is within +0/-2°C (+0/-3ºF) of the set point temperature. The heater will reengage as necessary to maintain the temperature within +0/-2°C (+0/-3ºF) of the set point. The electronic control monitors the length of time the bag has been held at temperature, beginning when the bag reaches set point temperature. A status button will display the time the fluid has been held at temperature.

Each ivNow internally tracks the duration an IV bag has been held at the desired temperature. Time duration can be retrieved using the STATUS button. When the IV bag has been warmed longer than 15 days (user adjustable from 7 to 60 days), ivNow will flash DATE on the LED screen to inform clinician the limit has been exceeded and the bag should be discarded.


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