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Pink IV Pole base

IV Pole for a Cause

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month when the world unites to raise awareness about this prevalent disease and support those affected by it. This month, our new Pink Pole takes on an even more profound significance.

Pedigo’s newest IV pole, the Pink Pole, is designed with the oncology department in mind. The Pink Pole delivers unmatched safety and stability, thanks to its heavier base and enhanced offset load capacity. More than just a pink pole, proceeds from the sale of our newest IV pole will be committed to funding cancer research initiatives.

More than a Pink Base

Designed with the oncology department in mind, safety and stability were the two crucial design elements our Engineering Team took into account. Featuring our heaviest base yet and an increased offset load capacity by 87%, the Pink Pole is our most robust IV Pole. In oncology departments, where patients may require multiple infusions or medications, this enhanced capacity ensures that healthcare providers can efficiently manage treatment regimens without needing multiple IV poles.

While the Pink Pole was initially designed with the oncology department in mind, its versatility knows no bounds. The sturdy construction and thoughtful design make it an excellent choice for various medical environments, including emergency rooms, intensive care units, and general patient wards.

Supporting Cancer Research

The name “Pink Pole” came simply from the pink powder-coated base and the significance the color has for breast cancer awareness. Furthermore, a percentage of the proceeds from Pink Pole sales will be dedicated to supporting cancer research initiatives, a cause close to our CEO, Rick Pedigo’s, heart.

When coming up with the design for our new IV Pole, it became evident to me that this pole could do more than provide stability when utilizing multiple infusion pumps. Giving a portion of our proceeds to cancer research allows us to not only continue to support our customers but also the loved ones who have combatted this disease. – Rick Pedigo

Albeit, Breast Cancer Awareness month, our Pink Pole will continue to fund cancer research indefinitely.

“I totally believe that it is what more products (and companies) should do. It’s a great cause, not only funding breast cancer research but other cancers as well.”  – Mitchell Reynolds, Engineering Manager

The Pink Pole is a testament to our commitment to advancing healthcare equipment. With its heavier base, increased offset load capacity, and adaptability to various healthcare settings, it stands as a symbol of reliability, safety, and innovation. Whether in the oncology department, operating room, or countless other medical contexts, the Pink Pole sets a new standard in IV pole technology, ensuring that patients receive the best possible care while healthcare professionals work with confidence and efficiency.

Ask your Pedigo representative today about our IV Pole for a Cause and how you can help fund cancer research!

Written by Kendall Pedigo, Social Media Manager



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