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person in blue scrubs and a blue scrub cap standing behind a Pedigo Products stretcher in an Operating Room

Your List of Essential Pedigo Operating Room Equipment

The operating room is designed for surgical procedures which require surgeons and surgical staff to be focused and meticulous. The OR team often balances the responsibilities of the surgical procedure, patient and staff safety, and other clinical guidelines. Having dependable surgical tools and equipment is essential to a successful surgical outcome for your team.

For 76 years, Pedigo has equipped ORs and surgical staff with ergonomic and top-quality stainless operating room equipment. Here is our most requested OR equipment to help you whether you’re setting up a new operating room, or want to replace your worn-out equipment.

Pedigo Operating Room Equipment

  • Hamper – used to safely dispose of contaminated items.
  • Mayo Stand – Techs utilize the Mayo Stand as an adjustable table to display various surgical tools during surgery.
  • Warmers – Warmers, including blankets and fluid warmers, are actively employed to manage the patient’s body temperature.
  • OR Cabinets – Operating room cabinets provide surgical technologists with easy access to various surgical tools and small equipment essentials.
  • Space Station Two-Tier Back Table – The Space Station Two-Tier Back Table equips the surgical tech with one table to ergonomically set up their back table tools for the surgical procedure.
  • Case Cart – Case Carts transport sterile surgical instruments to the OR and non-sterile instruments back to the sterile processing department. According to healthcare accreditation guidelines, these carts must be closed carts with clean/biohazard wheel indicators.

Interested in our complete OR equipment checklist? Download it here

Written by Kendall Pedigo, Social Media Manager

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