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3 Features of our gen3 Case Cart that were Designed for the SPD

Sterile processing is a critical aspect of healthcare, ensuring that medical instruments and equipment are free from harmful microorganisms. In this demanding environment, efficiency and safety are paramount. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our gen3 surgical case cart. With innovative features designed to make your sterile processing team’s job easier and more effective than […]

IV Pole for a Cause

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month when the world unites to raise awareness about this prevalent disease and support those affected by it. This month, our new Pink Pole takes on an even more profound significance. Pedigo’s newest IV pole, the Pink Pole, is designed with the oncology department in mind. The Pink Pole delivers […]

30 Years of Sparks and Steel

After 30 years, our Welding Supervisor, David Kuntz, is retiring and leaving behind a lasting legacy. Before his retirement, I took a moment to sit down with him and talk about his experiences and tenure at Pedigo Products, Inc. “He is a very talented employee and a fantastic welder.” – Rick Pedigo, CEO Kuntz started […]

Your List of Essential Pedigo Operating Room Equipment

The operating room is designed for surgical procedures which require surgeons and surgical staff to be focused and meticulous. The OR team often balances the responsibilities of the surgical procedure, patient and staff safety, and other clinical guidelines. Having dependable surgical tools and equipment is essential to a successful surgical outcome for your team. For […]

Efficiency Unleashed: How Our Two-Tier Back Table Saves Time and Money

The United States is renowned for its substantial healthcare expenditures, surpassing all other nations. However, there is mounting pressure on healthcare institutions to curtail costs across the board. Hospitals are taking a hard look at lessening expenses while maintaining the quality of care by looking for ways to avoid and reduce unplanned costs. One key […]

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