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Our line of Pedigo Stand Accessories expands the versatility of Pedigo IV stands and the P-1080-6 Infusion Pump Stand.

The key to the system is the P-3500 Universal Accessory Clamp which provides secure mounting of the individual accessories to a wide variety of products.  This mounting clamp is now included in all accessories that require it.

Many of these accessories may be used on your existing equipment, whether made by Pedigo or other manufacturers.


Patient Handle

Adjustable handle provides easy mobility. Choose from stainless steel or black powder coated steel.

P-3301 Stainless Steel

P-3302-BLK Black

Patient Handle CuVerro

Adjustable handle provides easy mobility and is made from CuVerro bactericidal copper alloy.



Wire Basket

Wire baskets provide storage and easy access to equipment, cords, supplies, patient charts, etc.

P-3201 Large, Stainless
           (14-1/2" W x 8" D x 8" H)

P-3202 Large, Black

P-3211 Medium, Stainless
           (12" W x 6" D x 6" H)

P-3212 Medium, Black

includes Universal Clamp includes Universal Clamp includes Universal Clamp

Outlet Strip

  Hospital grade

  Stainless steel construction 

  15-foot cord

  Meets UL Standard # 1363-A

P-3401 Six outlet strip

O2 Holder

  Holds E-size oxygen tanks

  Hospital grade

  Stainless steel construction

  Height adjustable

P-3601 Stainless Steel

IV Set Organizer

  Also holds secondary bags

  Stainless steel construction

  For P-1080-6 Infusion Pump Stand


P-1080-B Stainless Steel

includes Universal Clamp includes Universal Clamp includes Universal Clamp

Infusion Pump Holder

  Multiple pump holder

Infusion Pump Holder CuVerro

  Multiple pump holder

Universal Clamp

Universal Accessory Clamp can be adapted to a large variety of accessories and equipment.  Allows for quick and easy adding or removing of accessories. Required for mounting most iSTAND accessories

P-3500 Universal Clamp

P-1080-C Infusion Pump Holder

P-1083-C Infusion Pump Holder 

includes Universal Clamp includes Universal Clamp

Infusion Pump Hoop

  Holds up to 6 pumps

Infusion Pump Hoop CuVerro

  Holds up to 6 pumps

Foley Hook

  Two Hooks

P-1080-F Infusion Pump Hoop

P-1083-F Infusion Pump Hoop

P-1080-D Foley Hook
includes Universal Clamp includes Universal Clamp includes Universal Clamp

Foley Hook

  Single Hook

  Tightens with set screw

Infusion Pump Holder

  Holds up to 3 pumps

Extended IV hook Top Assembly

 8-hook top assembly

P-1080-E Foley Hook

P-1080-G Infusion Pump Holder

P-1080-H Extended IV Hook Assembly

factory installed

includes Universal Clamp




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