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Single-chamber warming cabinet.

White epoxy-coated steel interior insert and exterior casing.

Single pane energy efficient e-coated glass window door allows

inventory observation.

Easy, hands-free door release.

Door is fully gasketed and hinged on the right side of the unit.

Four (4) ˝ non-skid rubber feet.

Radiant Heat Technology utilizes multiple zone heating that

monitors surfaces for safe temperature ranges.

P-2220 includes a heated center shelf.


Electronic control.

Efficient, balanced heating system allows for low energy

consumption and minimal heat loss.

Adjustable temperature range of 98 - 180F (37 - 82C).

Operate in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Four digit L.E.D. display.

On/Off key.

Actual temperature key.

Increase and decrease keys.

Built-in speaker for audible feedback.

Built-in control button lock-out feature.


Blanket Warmer
Blanket Warmer
Blanket Warmer

Compartment Size

1.5 cubic feet

14˝W x 15˝D x 9-5/8˝H

Overall Size

18˝W x 19-13/16˝D x 16-7/8˝H

Compartment Size

2.5 cubic feet

14˝W x 18˝D x 14-5/8˝H

Overall Size

18˝W x 22-13/16˝D x 21-7/8˝H

Compartment Size

3.5 cubic feet

14˝W x 18˝D x 19˝H

Overall Size

18˝W x 23-13/16˝D x 27-7/8˝H


Blanket Warmer
Blanket Warmer

Compartment Size

4 cubic feet

21˝W x 20-15/16˝D x 15-1/8˝H

Overall Size

24˝W x 27˝D x 21-15/16˝H

Compartment Size

7.5 cubic feet

21˝W x 20-15/16˝D x 28-1/8˝H

Overall Size

24˝W x 27˝D x 34-15/16˝H

Additional features:

L.E.D. interior lighting casts a comforting blue glow with two (2) different intensity settings and off mode.

In the event of a power failure, the cabinet will remember its programming and begin to operate as before when power is restored.

A warming shut-off system, separate from the electronic control, prevents overheating.

Optional timer key allows the user to program the control to automatically turn on and off at a selected time.



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