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Single-chamber warming cabinet.

Single pane energy efficient e-coated glass window door allows

inventory observation.

Easy, hands-free door release.

Door is fully gasketed and hinged on the right side of the unit.

Four (4) ˝ non-skid rubber feet.

Radiant Heat Technology utilizes multiple zone heating that

monitors surfaces for safe temperature ranges.

P-2022 and P-2032 includes a heated center shelf.


Electronic control.

Efficient, balanced heating system allows for low energy

consumption and minimal heat loss.

Adjustable temperature range of 90 - 160F (32 - 71C).

Operate in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Four digit L.E.D. display.

On/Off key.

Actual temperature key.

Increase and decrease keys.

Built-in speaker for audible feedback.

Built-in control button lock-out feature.


Unit shown with optional left-hinged
door with window.

Unit shown with optional left-hinged
door with window.

Unit shown with optional left-hinged
door with window.

Blanket Warmer
Blanket Warmer
Blanket Warmer

Compartment Size

2.5 cubic feet

15˝W x 18˝D x 15-1/8˝H

Overall Size

18˝W x 21-13/16˝D x 21-7/8˝H

Compartment Size

3.5 cubic feet

15˝W x 18˝D x 21-1/8˝H

Overall Size

18˝W x 22˝D x 27-15/16˝H

Compartment Size

7.5 cubic feet

21˝W x 21˝D x 28-1/8˝H

Overall Size

24˝W x 24-3/8˝D x 35˝H


Blanket warmers feature 4 digit LED display,and windowed door, control lock programming and auto time programming

No fans or other moving parts

No lint traps

Deluxe models allow easy inventory visualization through glass doors

Choice of casters or fixed legs

Safety coated interior

Individual controls adjust up to 200oF

125 VAC

Electronic programmable controls


Blanket Warmer
Blanket Warmer
Blanket Warmer

Compartment Size

2.3 cubic feet

13˝W x 21˝D x 14˝H

Overall Size

16˝W x 27˝D x 21˝H

Compartment Size

  15.4 cubic ft total

  18-7/8˝W x 26˝D x 26-3/4˝ H

  7.7 cubic ft per compartment

Overall Size

  24˝W x 33˝D x 73˝ H

Compartment Size

  20.6 cubic ft total

  26˝W x 23-3/4˝D x 47˝ H

Overall Size

  32˝W x 29˝D x 71˝ H

  Unit can be stacked

  Ideal for countertop use

  Compatible with the P-2010-TC

  Two compartments, each with individual
  5" casters.

  Two doors, one compartment.

  5" casters.



shown with the P-2010-S

Blanket Warmer Mobile Cart

Transfer Cart

Blanket Warmer Caster Stand

For use with Pedigo Model P-2030 warming cabinet without casters.

Overall Size

 26"W x 33"D x 28"H

Two shelves

3-sided guardrail on top shelf

4-sided rail on lower shelf

4" diameter stainless steel casters
     with brakes. 

400 lbs. total weight capacity at 200     lbs. per shelf.

Overall Size

23-3/16˝W x 29˝D x 43˝H


Stainless steel

Ergonomic Push/Pull handles

4˝ casters

300 lbs. weight capacity
  (100 lbs. per shelf)

Caster stand option for the P-2010 Deluxe and P-2010-S Warmer models. 

* Cart above shown with modeled P-2010. 



4" diameter stainless steel casters
  with brakes.

Compatible with the following warmers:

P-2032, P-2230, P-2240

Compatible with the following warmers:

P-2010, P-2010-S, P-2110

Compatible with the following warmers:




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