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The 500 Pediatric Crib/Stretcher offers full-function capability. As a pediatric transport stretcher, the 500 rolls easily on over-sized five-inch casters. Its unique 2-post support system design allows 97% access to the patient.


Steer Caster provides increased maneuverability

5˝ casters with central lock and/or steering

with controls from two corners

Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg

Two IV pole receptacles

One handed rail operation

White powder coat finish

Unique rounded corners

Rails with 2˝ bar spacing

Full function fowler

Litter Top: Solid pan

Color decals: Blue


A True One-Handed Crib

Dual-action release handle is childproof and easy to operate, even with a child in one arm. Side rails have two-inch bar spacing and a special epoxy finish that is warmer to the touch than chrome.

For complete containment of the child, simply raise the counter balanced side rails to enclose the crib. Because the rails are counter balanced, there will be no sudden drop when released, preventing injury to the child or provider.

Crib Security Handle

Squeeze Handle Together

Lift Rail Upward or Downward

Stretcher Options PDF


Clear Top  Clear Top with Window


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