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Now you have two stool product lines to choose from to better meet your seating requirements as Pedigo now offers the majority of our seating options in new colors and versions that are California TB-133 Approved and PVC-free.



Environment friendly, PEDIGOroyal upholstery is Latex-free, PVC-free* , California TB-117 and TB-133 approved.  




Cost effective, durable, vinyl based fabrics.PEDIGOclassic  upholstery is Latex-freeand California TB-117 approved.  Models are the same classic Pedigo stools that you have grown accustomed to for decades.  Made from the same high quality material that we have used for years, PEDIGOclassic stools meet California TB-117 code.

Grey Steel Beige Burgundy Fairway Lake Blue Black


The color samples shown above are representations of upholstery materials used for Pedigo stools. Actual colors may vary slightly. Material samples are available upon request. Other colors and special order materials are also available to match your decor.

Pedigo upholstery materials are high quality vinyl, from renowned sources such as Uniroyal Naugahyde.

*   PVC-Free Construction. Manufactured in the same facility where PVC is produced. Trace amounts of PVC may be detected.

†  This product does not contain natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.

Upholstery is designed and manufactured by OMNOVA Solutions • PreFixx is a registered trademark of OMNOVA Solutions Inc.

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Care Instructions  

PreFixx® is engineered so that upholstery can be cleaned again and again without showing signs of wear.  With easy cleanability, and proven stain and abrasion resistance, PreFixx protective finish can reduce maintenance costs and frequent re-upholstery.

Performance:  Offers state-of-the-art resistance against staining, burnishing, abrasion, scuffing and blocking.

Durability:  Creates a barrier that resists stains from penetrating to the surface of the vinyl for proven, long-lasting protection.  With laboratory-tested stain resistance and improved wear properties, upholstery treated with PreFixx protective finish can retain a "like-new" appearance longer.

Easy Maintenance:  Enables most common stains like dirt and smudges to wipe off easily.  Many difficult stains like ballpoint ink also can be cleaned with active solvents, such as nail polish remover, without damaging the PreFixx protective finish (when recommended cleaning instructions are followed).

Royal Upholstery
Care instructions and recommended cleaners

Classic Upholstery
Care instructions and recommended cleaners


The State of California developed a number of testing standards known as Technical Bulletins for the purpose of evaluating the flammability of furniture.

CAL TB-117
Flammability test for the filling or padding material of furniture. Tests the flame retardance of resilient filling materials used in upholstered furniture - including the fabric.
• CAL TB-133
A full-scale fire test of the entire unit including the frame, foam and upholstery.

• American National Standard for Office Furnishings
This standard is intended to provide manufacturers, specifiers, and users with a common basis for evaluating the safety, durability, and structural adequacy of general-purpose office chairs. For example, load and impact testing.

• Business & Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Assoc.
A not-for-profit organization that advocates, informs and develops standards for the North American office and institutional furniture industry.




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