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Pedigo’s Elite Cart Covers ensure that compliancy standards are met and maintained while safely transporting and communicating the cart and its contents from destination to destination. Durable, long lasting cart covers may be customized with the logo, department designation or text.



Made from Polyester

• Polyester is a hydrophobic material that naturally repels

• Able to handle the higher temperatures associated with 
  commercial cleaning and drying

• Maintains its structure after being laundered

• Light weight

• Durable

Embedded Print Graphics

• No graphic peeling

• Color-fast

• Re-create hospitals logos perfectly onto Cart Cover

• Over 1100 stock colors available

• Unlimited graphics

Material Selection

• Standard (300 Denier)

• Fire Rated (500 Denier)

• Super Duty (915x1220)

Transformative Information Panels (TIP’s) Patent Pending

• Highly visible biohazard indicator

• Integrated into the cover design

• Easily determine cart designation (OR, ER, food, etc.)

Unique Features

• Extend cover above the cart top (6" to 12")

• Customization (graphics, logos, pockets, Cut Outs,
   Windows, Heights extension)

Warranty Information

• One year warranty

Made in the USA



ANSI/AAMI ST79 section 6.3(1)

• Care and handling of contaminated reusable items at the point of use. Immediate containment and transportation to the decontamination area is ideal so that the cleaning process can start as soon as possible before biofilms (accumulated biomass of bacteria and extracellular material that is tightly adhered to a surface and cannot be removed easily) start to form.

ANSI/AAMI ST79 section 6.4(1)

• Containment. The objective is to avoid cross contamination to either people or the environment. Place contaminated instruments in a puncture-resistant, leak-proof, closable and labelled container to avoid punctures to the container or your skin.

CDC IV.E.1. 18, 739, 975. Cat. IB/IC

• Establish policies and procedures for containing, transporting, and handling patient-care equipment and instruments/devices that may be contaminated with blood or body fluids.

OSHA 1910.1030(g)(1)(i)(B)

• Contaminated materials that are to be decontaminated at a site away from the work area shall be placed in a durable, leak-proof, labeled or color-coded container that is closed before being removed from the work area. Warning labels shall be affixed to containers of regulated waste, refrigerators and freezers containing blood or other potentially infectious material; and other containers used to store, transport or ship blood or other potentially infectious materials



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