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Accessories for Pedigo closed carts.


Wire Shelves

  Electro-polished stainless steel

  Easy to adjust or remove

  3/16˝ diameter wire welded to

˝diameter wire support rods

  Maximum opening between

 rods:  1˝ x 6˝

  Option of roll-out or stationary


Solid Shelves

  Steril-Gard construction

  Easy to adjust or remove

  18-gauge stainless steel

  Option of roll-out or stationary


Card Holder

  Standard card sizes include:

  4˝ x 6˝

  5˝ x 7˝

  8˝ x 11˝

  Available in any size or

orientation to suit individual needs


Tote Box Drawers

  Constructed of impact-resistant

 high density polyethylene for


  Available in 5˝ or 10˝ sizes

  Optional short or long tote box

dividers available to section drawer  into smaller compartments

Tote Box Hangers

  Stainless steel hangers hold

 totes below top of the cart

  Attaches to either wire or solid


Cart Identification Systems

  For easy cart identification

  High-visibility Lexan material

  Cart washable

  Custom labels available upon



Swivel Lock

  Used for improved steering

  Recommended for long carts to

assist in navigating long corridors.

  Disengage for maneuverability

in tight spaces.

  Easy foot operation

Stainless Steel Casters

  Ideal for carts that are cart

washed daily

  All stainless steel material

and bearings for a rust-free


  Two lubrication points for

 ease of maintenance

Brake Lock

Prevents cart from rolling

Easy foot operation


Exterior Security Latch

  Prevents unintentional opening

of cart doors

  Available with hole to fit

customer provided tamper proof


Drop Leaf Shelves

  Extends top of cart to increase

work surface area

  Drain holes at end of leaf

  New Safety Release Leaf Lock


Automatic Couplers

  Cart couplers are available for

installation on all closed carts

  Compatible with any major

elevator or cart washer with

automatic cart pickup system



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